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Camp Covenant

Participants in TN Disciples' regional programming must abide by the following covenant:


  • I will be respectful to all persons and the camp environment at all times.

  • I understand that possession of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or weaponry of any sort (knives, firearms, etc) while at camp is prohibited and I will be sent home if these items are found in my possession.

  • I understand that the Bethany Hills Camp is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

  • I covenant to enjoy camp as an opportunity to come to know God through nature and through other people and I will participate fully in camp activities.

  • I understand that leaving camp in the middle of a session is disruptive to the community and is prohibited unless the camp director grants permission prior to the start of the camp.

  • I will not damage camp property and will be held financially responsible for any repairs needed because of my actions.

  • I understand that sneaking out of my cabin after lights-out will result in a one-year suspension from all camp activities and I will be sent home.

  • I understand that campers should not bring food to camp.

  • In this day of electronics, Camp and Conference understands that campers use cell phones for many tools other than communications (camera, alarm, music, etc) and for emergencies. It is for this reason that I may bring my cell phone to camp with the understanding that I can only use my phone during free time and cabin time. I also covenant to listen to music from my phone or other music devices (i.e. iPod, etc.) with personal headphones only during cabin time.

  • I understand that I may be sent home for behaving in a way that does not reflect Christian love and grace.

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