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What to Bring?
(Mark Personal Items with name/initials)

● Great attitude 

● Bible  

● Toiletry Items (soap, toothbrush,  

toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) 

● Pillow 

● Bed roll (sleeping bag or blankets &  

sheets for twin size bed)

● Pajamas 

● Towels & washcloths 

● Swimming suit 

● Fan and extension cord

● A pair of closed toe shoes 

● At least one more pair of shoes / one pair of shoes that can get wet​

● Casual/play clothes  

● Bag for dirty clothes 

● Raincoat or umbrella 

● Lightweight jacket/Hoodie 

● Flashlight  

● Insect repellent 

● Water Bottle 

● Pencil & paper/notebook

 Net for catching crawdads for the Discovery and Jr campers​​


OK but not required… 

● Sunglasses, hat 

● Phone & charger (used at Directors’ discretion) 

● Instruments  


Prohibited Items

● Fireworks or other hazardous materials

● Firearms

● Tobacco

● Illegal Drugs

● Alcohol

These are absolutely forbidden. Parents will be called immediately to come and get their camper if these items are discovered. No part of the camp fee will be refunded.


All campers must bring medications, whether prescribed or over the counter, in their original containers. Parents are required to leave clear instructions about any medication the child is to receive. All medications are to be placed in the care of the first aid staff and kept in the first aid room. 



It is not uncommon for campers to turn in their money at the beginning of camp for safekeeping and to serve as a bank. Money for snacks during Canteen time and offering are the only two potential needs for cash during camp. All camps will receive an offering. 

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