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2023 Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration
Coming Soon

More information soon!

Summer Camp 2023 Dates:


Discovery May 30-June 2nd

Juniors May 30-June 3

CYF June 5-10

Chi Rho July 23-27

Eighters June 11-17 w/Kentucky Christian Church Region - Camp Wakon' Da-Ho


If you would like to be part of the Youth Ministry in TN by directing a camp or being a camp counselor, please contact Rev. Troy Barrow, Camp and Conference Programing Chair, email:

Remember Camp doesn't happen without you!

We will be putting the information up as soon as it is available, and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to this holy place in the coming year!  


Thank you for your love of Bethany Hills. The campfire is waiting for you.

Registration Closed
Registration Closed 
Registration Closed
registration ends June 15
Registration Ends July 15
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